Creative Calgary Congress

Calgary Arts Development produced the first Arts Champions Congress in 2011 as a meeting place for people who make Calgary's arts sector a vibrant and exciting place to work and our city a great place to live. A second Arts Champions Congress was held in 2013.

Renamed the Creative Calgary Congress in 2014, the event seeks to extend its reach to those who may not traditionally be involved in the arts. It is a chance to bring likeminded people together to connect around opportunities that place the arts at the centre of building our city. Each Congress will facilitate the conversations necessary to nurture a collaborative, resilient and innovative arts ecosystem in Calgary. 

Living a Creative Life, Calgary’s first long-term arts development strategy, has been aligning organizations from various sectors towards these goals since its publication in March 2014. The Creative Calgary Congress is an opportunity to engage an even greater number of stakeholders in the strategy’s vision, building capacity and momentum for the future. Like Living a Creative Life, the Creative Calgary Congress will be a catalyst for a vital, prosperous and connected city through the arts.